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Xi'an Smart Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to promoting excellent transmission components in industrial robots, CNC machine tools, grinding, aerospace titanium processing, military radar and other industries. Products include electric spindles (permanent magnet synchronous asynchronous), planetary reducers. At present, the company has obtained the first-class agency qualification of Taiwan's THETA electric spindle, Germany's Melior motion, STOBER, SESAME and many other transmission products! The company not only has technical advantages in products, but also has a complete after-sales service system. It has established branches in Wuxi, Guangzhou, and Jinan. With the authorization of Taiwan Luda Corporation, the spindle after-sales maintenance center will be established in Xi'an in 2020 with the best efforts. Ensure the normal operation of the client machine, and make the repaired spindle reach the standard of the original Taiwanese factory, and you can also enjoy localized prices and fast delivery! Motorized spindle is where we are interested. We can design the required spindle specifications for customers and provide technical support and machine integration planning. Under the environment of various contending, Smit will continue to strive for perfection to achieve perfect spindle production quality and service. In the future, it will continue to work hard to specialize in high-end spindle technology to ensure that the customer's production and processing quality is the highest indicator. Where the interest lies, the night descends and the east rises!

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